Perhaps you’ve never thought of socks posing a particularly difficult style dilemma, but actually, socks are a very important item of clothing.  It is fitting that this style guide comes to you just before Christmas, as this is perhaps the time of year when most men will find that their sock collection increases exponentially with aid of kind donations from friends and family in the form of more socks than you can shake an Italian loafer at.

You may not have paid much attention to your socks, as they are a much overlooked item of clothing, however socks are of great importance; they protect our feet, keep the skin free of perspiration and help to keep your feet comfortable in your shoes.  As a part of an outfit they are like a link in a chain, serving to connect feet to legs and pull the whole outfit together.


Style Rules for Socks

Your socks should be in good condition

This may sound obvious, but your sock should be free of holes and stains.  There is nothing more unattractive than catching a glimpse of an errant toe through a hole in a sock.


Your socks should match each other

This may be up for debate in some circles, with younger men enjoying the roguish, devil-may-care nature of mis-matched socks, but on the whole you will want to ensure than your socks match each other to create a stylish and well-heeled look.


Your socks should match your trousers

This is all about creating an unbroken line between the bottom of your trousers and your shoes.  Trousers that are the correct length may touch shoes when stood up straight, but movement and sitting down will cause them to ride up the leg, exposing the gap.  If you are wearing a tailored grey suit, this is not where you will want to expose a pair of stained white sports socks.  This is a rule that can be broken by the fashion forward, but your socks should still co-ordinate with the rest of your outfit, matching a leather jacket with fun dark socks with a guitar print is great for a casual look, and matching to your tie is perfect for a more adventurous smart style.


Wear long socks

This may be based on the old rule that a man should not expose his bare leg, but it is certainly best in mixed company to ensure that your socks are long enough to cover any gap that may arise between the top of your shoe and the bottom of your trouser leg, as hairy ankles peeking out can be a little distracting.  Due to cost issues, most manufacturers do not make socks particularly long, and to find knee length socks you may find that you will need to look in dedicated smart menswear stores and departments.


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Post By Sadie