The clocks have turned back and we are now gliding through the winter getting ever closer to Christmas.  Don’t worry; we won’t start talking about that just yet, although I did start my Christmas list this past weekend…

With celebrations for Halloween getting underway and those exceptional planners amongst us working on Christmas, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the event that happens between these two holidays, despite its noble importance.

We are of course referring to Remembrance Day, the day that we devote to remembering the bravery and sacrifice of those men and women that put their lives on the line to ensure the safety and protection of our country, its populace and our way of life.


Through two World Wars and many further conflicts they fought for us, and this is the day that we honour them.

Sometimes though, a paper poppy pinned to the lapel is not practical or perhaps not considered quite enough to convey the depth of our gratitude, so we present our Remembrance Day Collection, filled with stylish accessories that will show your feelings towards our heroes with perfect clarity and a sartorial elegance that could allow them to be worn as fashionable accessories at other times of the year.

Choose from our range of cufflinks that celebrate military tradition, with Army, Navy and RAF themes, you are sure to find the perfect one to represent you, or perhaps someone close to you.

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If cufflinks are a little fiddly for your everyday attire, why not try a Remembrance Day Tie Slide?  Made from quality materials and with style in mind, these bars and clips will not look out of place even with a smart outfit.


Perhaps you prefer to take some quiet contemplation to remember our heroes on the eleventh hour, wherever you may be.  If so, then you may find that one of our watches is the perfect way to keep track....



However you decide to show your support, we hope you are able to take the time to remember the fallen on 11/11, and join the thoughts of the nation, as well as those of us here at the MGC office.

Post By Sadie