The Freemasons are surrounded in conspiracy theories and secrecy. There are various groups of Freemasons around the world which all govern themselves, meaning that no one really knows who the Freemasons are and what they do.

What we do know is limited. We know that they formed around the 16-17th century in London,UK, and regularly meet in Lodges, which are overseen by a large Grand Lodge. They can be seen as a Fraternity organisation, which consists of a group of selected male members who form a protective brotherhood, dedicated to the development and safeguard of their members. As a rule, Freemasons don’t disclose what they do within their own Lodges, and it is mainly this closed-door approach which has led many people to create conspiracy theories surrounding their beliefs and rituals. However, we do know that they are heavily involved in charitable work, and are a group which believes in preserving moral values.

The Freemasons can be most easily identified by their stonemasons symbol, consisting of a set square and a compass. It is this mark that can be seen carved into the stone work of Freemason’s Lodges, and on Masonic jewellery. The symbol can be found on rings, cufflinks, tie slides amongst others, and is a man’s way of displaying his allegiance to the Freemasons. Here at the Men’s Gift Company, we stock a range of Masonic jewellery, ranging from cufflinks and tie slides to dress studs and braces. Our cufflinks include onyx, black enamel and mother of pearl cushions, all engraved with the Masonic compass and square.

These make great gift ideas for Freemasons that you know, or even as treats to yourself if you yourself are a member. Our tie slides are more subtle ways of displaying your membership, with this Masonic Engraved Gold Plated Tie Bar just showing the compass and square on the end.

Our Woodfood Masonic Pocket Watch is a striking piece of jewellery which can be displayed or hidden as you wish. The outer Hunter case has been beautifully engraved with the Masonic set and compass, and the inner watch face features traditional Masonic symbols on each quarter hour.

All our jewellery has been crafted to the highest quality, befitting the society for which it has been created. If you know a Freemason or you want to celebrate this ancient society, then our Masonic gifts are the perfect choice.

Post By Francesca