Once a much-loved and often-worn men's accessory, the pocket watch is enjoying something of a resurgence with many young men looking back to vintage style to gain inspiration for a look that is just a little something more special than the steady stream of identi-kit jeans and t-shirts mass-produced for the high street.


Pocket watches have a feeling of luxury to them in today's world, and an association with the very wealthy.  Whilst it is true that the upper classes did wear pocket watches, they were not the only ones.  It may be true that the poor didn't wear them, but anybody that had a job that required them to know the time, would have had a pocket watch.  With this in mind, the very formal stereotype can be thrown out of the window, and we can have some fun with the look, introducing it to modern fashion concepts and tailoring, or even looks such as punk,  for a style that surprises and contradicts expectations.

But for a generation that has never experienced them, how do you wear a pocket watch?


Choose your Pocket Watch

Have a pocket watch in mind?  Then great!  But if not, this can be trickier than expected.  Many gents have heirloom pocket watches, which are authentic and look great, but there are a few problems with this.  Bear in mind that such accessories are often irreplaceable.  How would you feel if the pocket watch passed down the generations of your family was damaged of lost during your custody?  Another thing to consider is functionality.  Often, old pocket watches don't work at all, work sporadically, or are not particularly accurate.  Would you feel a bit silly theatrically pulling out your pocket watch to check the time, and realising that it doesn't work, or has lost a couple of hours?  Consider sending old pocket watches to a reputable watch shop for repairs, or buying a new one for your everyday usage.

New pocket watches have the benefit of being made in the modern age with all the technological benefits that bestows.  The movement is often quartz and every bit as accurate as a standard wristwatch.  The materials are often more modern too.  The most popular contemporary choice is silver, giving a cool finish with a great polish, it also allows the greatest colour flexibility when pairing it with an outfit.  These days, engraving and laser cutting can create fantastic designs for you to choose from.

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Choose an Albert Chain

An albert is the chain which attaches the pocket watch to your clothing, keeping it handy and secure in your pocket.  This is also the part of the pocket watch that is going to be the most visible so it is important to pay attention to this little detail.

There are variations of albert chain to choose from according to your particular style.  Double alberts with jewels were once very en-vogue, but can be seen as a little fussy for contemporary requirements.  The attachment is another variation, with spring rings (like a large necklace clasp), lobster claw and traditional t-bars all available.

A chain that matches your pocket watch is a classic choice, but consider your usage.  Fine chains look very elegant for formal events, but a sturdier chain is better for everyday.  That's not to say you can't have some fun with mismatching chains, and teaming ornate bejewelled numbers with torn dungarees for an eclectic look.


How to Wear

Putting the albert chain and the pocket watch together, you will find that there are different ways to wear it on your outfit.

The classic look is to attach the albert chain to the buttons of a shirt or waistcoat and stow the watch in the pocket.

A casual look could attach the chain to a belt loop and store the watch in a jeans pocket.

Worker style overalls could see the albert attached to the strap and the watch tucked in the chest pocket.

Indeed women are now getting in on the act and converting pocket watches to necklaces to be worn long, dangling from the neck over their outfits!

The world is your oyster - now you have your pocket watch and chain the only limit is your imagination!

How do you wear your pocket watch?  We'd love to hear about it!  Why not tell us by leaving us a comment below, or catching us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or Pinterest?


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