wedding-798773_640When you're invited to a wedding one of the first things that springs to mind is 'What can I wear?!' - a thought that is commonly shared between men and women. There is sometimes a distinctive dress code for certain weddings and you'll almost always dress differently to a summer wedding as opposed to a winter wedding. If you have no idea about what to wear to a summer wedding this year, don't panic! Help is at hand and we will help you to tie the knot in style!

The Suit

The suit is what will set you apart from the rest and will be the main foundations of your entire outfit. Get this right and the rest of your look will follow with ease. As a general rule of thumb opt for a black, navy or grey suit - unless otherwise directed by the groom. Invest in a decent quality one which you know you will get some wear out of again. Depending on your shape and style there are many different suits catered to each and everyone's taste, get one tailor made if you have the time and money as it will be a great investment in the long run.

The Shirt & Tie

Now you have the main foundations to your outfit, it's time to start adding the extras which can make or break your outfit. Unless you're the groom or best man, you can play around with the colours of the shirt and tie that you want to wear. However, we wouldn't suggest going for anything too garish. Keep it simple and classic and you'll have a timeless look for the day. For an even smarter style, look to add a silver or gold tie slide. We love this silver tie bar with diagonal lines, it would complete any outfit and it can also be engraved - a great keepsake to look back on and remember the big day by.

image (95)


The Cufflinks

Like the cheese to your crackers, a shirt isn't complete without a set of stunning cufflinks. It's a nice touch to any shirt and if there is a colour scheme to the wedding it's nice to match with that where possible. Whether you're a guest, groom or father of the bride we have cufflinks specifically designed for them. Affordable and stylish, our Champagne bottle & glasses cufflinks are fun for everyone to wear and could be worn on other special occasions and celebrations too.

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The Watch

You'll be sure to get to the church on time with a stylish and handy watch. Whilst wrist watches are an obvious choice, it's great to keep it classic at a wedding. A traditional pocket watch will set you apart from most guests and they are a timeless classic. This Woodford full hunter masonic pocket watch is truly special and can easily be slipped into your pocket or jacket.

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The Shoes

Working from your head to your toes, the shoes will really complete any outfit. Keep your shoes simple and comfortable, comfort is key when you're at a wedding all day. You may be sat down at a ceremony and meal for the best part of the day but there will always be an evening fuelled with plenty of dancing! If you're a guest at the wedding a pair of smart brogues would be a good choice, and if you're the groom or best man it's best to stick to black shoes with a thin sole.

Hip Flask

Okay, so not really something that will add to your overall outfit, but it's an essential item to slip into your pocket! This slim fit stainless steel chequered design hip flask is discrete and will help to ease those pre wedding nerves once filled with your favourite tipple!

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Some weddings do have general dress codes, but our how to dress for a wedding guide can be applied to any eventuality. With our smart and simple steps to dressing for a wedding you can spend less time fretting about your outfit and more time enjoying the fun and festivities that the big day holds! If you're heading to a wedding this summer have fun and enjoy the day! What are your tips for dressing for a wedding? Let us know on the Men's Gift Company Facebook page, @MensGiftCompany or Google+.

Post By Nicole Sage