What does it mean to be a modern man?

In the 21st century, man has to operate through a very difficult time.  A time filled with knowledge of quantum physics, engineering and wine appreciation, all of which can be accessed by anyone, at anytime, from the smartphone in their pocket.

How is the modern man supposed to know what life skills are necessary for him to learn to complete the maze of modern life? What skills are essential for modern man to master?


We are here to help, with our list of 20 essential skills that every man should possess.


Growing a Beard

Or at the very least maintaining their facial hair in a groomed style that is more man-about-town than caveman.  Even those with difficult facial hair should have attained mastery of skill.



Changing a Fuse

In the electronic era, do you really ant to have to call someone to do something as basic as change a fuse?  Not only expensive, but embarrassing too.



At Least Two Tie Knots

You need an everyday and a best, that’s all we’re saying! And you can even adorn them with our range or tie slides, bars, clips and tacks.



Put a Shelf Up…Straight!

Because you’ll need somewhere to show of all the trophies you’ll win, and your impressive collection of man keys for every lock you’ve ever owned…



Parallel Park

The art of the parallel park shows of your natural male advantage (superior spatial awareness) in the modern world.  Any ladies in the car will also be most pleased not to have to walk further than necessary to the shops in the rain.



Cook at Least One Good Meal

Looking after yourself and your health is important and largely comes down to diet.  A collection of good staple meals can achieve this though.  You’ll need one showcase meal; for dates, family visits and parties.



Tie a Bow Tie

At some point you’ll need to go somewhere formal enough to legitimately wear a bow tie.  And when you do, you don’t want to be the one clipping the cheat version back on all night.

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Sew a Button

After the age of 20, it is unacceptable to ask your mum!  You may need to do this on holiday, on a business trip, or simply on your lunch break at work.  Learn this skill well.



Perfect Your ‘Camera Face’

People will take your photo.  A lot.  And with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Linked In at al, you will need a simple, inoffensive face to pull at the camera that won’t come back to haunt you.



How to Barbecue

Whether it comes back to building fires and the hunter gathering of eons passed, even today the barbecue is a male domain.  And nobody wants your burnt chipolatas.



Know How To Style Yourself

This involves a critical eye, self assessment and enough stubbornness not to accept second best.  Simply finding out what does and doesn’t suit you helps to show yourself off to your best advantage.



Develop Your Own Style

Closely related to knowing what suits you, this is all about not blindly buying what is in fashion and accepting what you are told, but being bold enough to wear what you like.



How to Host a Good Party

From knowing a few crowd pleasing card games (or drinking games depending on your audience), to selecting a good wine for the occasion, being a good a gracious host is an important skill to keep good people in your life.



How to Maintain a Garden

Whether it’s felling trees or tending tomatoes, if you can look after a garden, you are doing alright for yourself.


How to Iron a Shirt

Again, unacceptable to ask you mum when you are out of your teens.  An ironed shirt can make the difference between getting your dream job, or not.



How to Fasten Your Own Cufflinks

cufflinkThankfully, in modern times, cufflinks are somewhat easier, with fastenings that are designed to be operated with one hand, because we don’t have footmen and attendants these days!



How to Polish Your Shoes

A good pair of shoes should be maintained.  It is frivolous to suggest otherwise, but a good shine and polish is part of your smart look and it can be seen as negligent to attend certain events, like weddings or business networking, with scuffed shoes.



How to Take Care of your Own Possessions

Because independent men look after the things they have worked hard to own.  Protecting essential things like expensive gadgets and keeping them close to you makes good sense, and shows that you are prepared and organised to the outside world.



Find Your Signature Drink

We may all start off drinking whatever is available, but knowing your own taste and style extends to your choice of drink too.  James Bond doesn’t “umm and ahh” when asked, and neither should you.



Be Able to Make a Toast

A life skill we will all have to do at some point, even if it terrifies us.  Not everybody has the knack for public speaking, but you should at least be able to utter a few confident-sounding words and raise a glass.



So there you have it.  The twenty skills that are absolutely essential for the modern man to master.  Have you any new goals based on our list?  Or do you have any skills we missed out?  Let us know on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or Pinterest or leave us a comment below.

Post By Sadie