With the coming of November, the temperature here in the UK has suddenly dropped.  You might not think this a huge shock, but the late summer and warmest October in over 50 years has left us all mostly unprepared for this sudden appearance of winter.

One day this week saw me digging around in the cupboard first thing in the morning, trying desperately to find my trusty winter coat to keep out the frosty breeze and driving rain.  It was only upon getting part way to my destination that I realised this could have been planned out better, for a more stylish return to winter attire.

So how can we accessorise our coats to look fashionable and stylish through the long winter ahead?


Lapel Pins


With Remembrance Day nearly upon us, most coats have a tiny decoration dotted onto the lapel with noble purpose and aplomb (see our blog about Remembrance Day Style here). Soon though, Remembrance Day will have passed, but that doesn’t mean that this decoration must be abandoned.  Our range of lapel pins come in a variety of styles and can add a little interest to your winter coat.  The best thing is that you can even buy a few and change them as the mood takes you, allowing you to switch up your style throughout the season.


Leather Bags


There is little point in buying yourself an expensive and fashionable winter coat if you are going to ruin the lines of the tailoring by stuffing the pockets full of your everyday bits and pieces; or worse yet, sling your old college backpack over the shoulder to carry your essentials.  Luckily, we have a range of fantastic quality leather bags with a timeless style that will see you through the season and beyond.




You may think that it is not quite cold enough for a scarf yet, but with the casual trend of leather jackets and blazers still going strong you may need a little extra protection for those days – and anything that keeps the dreaded man-flu at bay is ok by me!  A scarf is a great way to add a little colour and individuality to your look and our range of soft, warm scarves come in a selection of colourways to choose from.


We hope that with a few of our ideas on board you can stay fashionable throughout the season, and update your winter coat with style.  We just hope this advice has reached you in time before you too come to the realisation that something needs to be done with your neglected winter coat when halfway out of the door and running late!

Do you have any further ideas for styling your coat in winter?  We’d love to hear about them, why not drop us a line on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or Pinterest?

Post By Sadie