Today, 3rd October, is Buy British Day.


A whole day to celebrate the great and good of British produce.  We all know that British goods have a sterling reputation for quality and craftsmanship, and this is why British brands are so sought after in a marketplace that is saturated with mass-produced goods from developing countries that do not have the same innate character and enviable prominence.

In the business of fashion, British-made is synonymous not just with fantastic build-quality and longevity, but moreover a general look and essence that is stylish and full of prestige.  One need only look as far as popular advertising campaigns to see the ‘London look’ which is fashion-forward, gritty and far less saccharine-sweet than its American counterparts.  The resulting feel is that of an edgy and real style, a reflection of the wearer that is conscious and in control of their image at all times.


What you may be interested to know, is that The Men’s Gift Company is a champion of British style and British brands.


Our selection of braces, apart from being an integral part of the quintessential British look, all hail from Blighty’s own shores.


You will also find that a good deal of our luxurious Sterling Silver Gifts are crafted by silversmiths and artisans right here in the UK, something that is obvious in the attention to detail showcased in every single piece.


Today is a day to celebrate all things British, and at Men’s Gift Company we are proud to display our heritage proudly in the form of accessories, brands and craftsmanship.


Post By Sadie