What item of clothing connects nerdy Urkel from Family Matters to Daniel Craig's James Bond? 

Suspend that disbelief if you can, but yes, if ever there was a more polarizing and versatile accessory than the humble pair of braces, we've yet to see it. They're interesting yet ironic, white collar as well as unconventional. Regardless of whether your gentleman has ever worn a pair, any bit of dress that can be pulled off by both a newscaster and Matt Smith's Doctor Who certainly deserves to be held up for attention.

Modern braces were first strapped in 1820 by Albert Thurston (who's company still produces 'gallouses' for high-profile actors today), but through the two proceeding centuries they've wavered in and out of favour due to, among other factors: the popularity of belts, their once held classification as a type of underwear and the return of fuller-cut trousers.

These straps have been embraced by both businessmen and groups as far out there as skinheads and punks (A Clockwork Orange anyone?), yet nowadays they've garnered acceptance on both sides of the Atlantic. We at Men's Gift Company have never been strangers to them, or nor do we intend to be.

image of Wall Street Clip End Bracesimage of Jazz Music Clip End Braces

Our new stock of braces hark back to their roots and finest moments, chiefly our Wall Street Clip End Braces -the essential item for anyone who considers Gordon Gekko a stylistic role model. For those who like to live a little looser, our Jazz Music Braces are a woven relic of one of our favourite eras, and are perfect for a man who considers himself a baby grand or drugstore cowboy.

image of Country Themes Hunting Clip End Braces

If you're after something a bit more modern (and perhaps less stuffy) then why not size up our Country Themes Hunting Clip End Braces the next time your gent plans to sample the outdoor air. Or, if the English countryside isn't quite enough, we have a continental trio of braces brandishing the flag colours of France, Germany and Italy.

All our braces are easy to adjust via the sliding bar on the front, and are arranged into a cross shape at the back through a buckle. If he's avoided braces in the past because they were too finicky or difficult to fasten, the modern model leaves no excuse.

We personally love everything about braces. They're a rewardingly acquired taste, an eternally in-style yet always nostalgic bit of apparel that's highly functional, no doubt, but also at the height of fashion.

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Post By Graham