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Men's fashion accessories are very much like certain moves and strategies in chess, in that each is in a constant cycle of falling in and out of favour, and are reactive to their environment. Whilst the following men's gifts and fashionables have all at some point enjoyed their time to shine alongside their corresponding apparel, in the current meta game of men's fashion we definitely feel all of these are overlooked. If the next big shake up in men's style is going to happen anywhere, we hope it begins with these 5 underrated men's fashion accessories:

Collar Stiffeners

Also known as a 'collar stay', these little heard of shirt accessories are the defining item of smart yet subtle office wear. Designed to fit into specially made pockets within a shirt's collar, the stiffener ensures that the collar lies flat against the collarbone, looking crisp and remaining in the correct place. Whilst most shirts are supplied with plastic collar stays, these bend over time and inevitably need replacing, which is where Men's Gift Company's gold plated and hallmarked silver collar stiffeners come into play, offering an unusual yet profoundly thoughtful men's gift idea opportunity.


ballpoint 2 ballpoint
We like to think that when going for that life-changing, all important job interview, sometimes it's the little things that can stick in an employer's mind. Every interviewer is watching out for gaps in your knowledge or a deficiency in your skill set, but even if both of those aspects are non-existent, it's any unexpected slackness in the way you present itself may have leave just as profound an impression. To us, a cheap, plastic biro isn't going to fail any interview, but imagine the impact a superbly made, slenderly shaped and highly functional rollerball or fountain pen will make when flicked out? They also make great gifts, and are always elegant additions to any man's desk.


masonic bracesmasonic braces 2
We've written many times on the blog before about the rise, fall and subsequent shake-ups of the humble suspenders. Whilst inherently vintage and remarkably eye-catching, a good pair of braces can provide the wearer with innumerable opportunities to accessorise with colour, style themes and occasion. In our opinion, any fashion item that's been favoured by both James Bond and Steve Urkel deserves much more praise and attention than the humble slacks are currently enjoying.


image of Hardware Steel Bangle with Carbon Fibre Inlayimage of Hardware Steel and Gold Colour Bracelet

These aren't often to go to men's gift idea when it comes to accessories, but we feel there's a lot than can be done with a simple metal bangle. The range on Men's Gift Company includes Hardware's steel gold and silver chain-like wrist wearables, to carbon fibre bracelets that grant an easy an unobtrusive fit. The key is to find a bracelet that best suits you, and to not totally abandon the idea just because you chose a bracelet several years ago that didn't quite look the part.

Accessory Cases

The last men's accessory is in fact...a holder for all your men's accessories! For any gent dedicated to his watch collection, choice of cufflinks or similar trinkets, having a carefully compartmentalized case that puts them all nicely on display for both yourself or for any overnight visitors really helps to solidify the idea that your style is a part of who you are. Ideal for travelling and a staple of any bedside table, they're an extravagance many men forgo, but one which we think your should try out.

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