how to choose a mens walelt

To paraphrase that one famous movie line, no man is poor who has a wallet (unless that wallet is empty). The one and only way for a gent to carry their currency, cards and charisma, it's something of a mini-right of passage when your throw away your old case (probably decorated in cartoon characters and surf company logos) and pick up your first real men's wallet. Whether your current carrier is a little tattered, or you just want a fresh leather change, then we're here to help with these 5 golden rules when it comes to choosing a men's wallet.

#1 Leather is (Almost) Always Better

There's a reason why the vast majority of men's wallets tend to be made from leather; it's durable, form-fitting and generally looks as good if not better with age. Whether you choose well tanned cow's leather, or something a little more unique like sheepskin or snakeskin, it's hard to go wrong with just a simple leather wallet, and even if you prefer an animal-free carrier there's plenty of synthetic alternatives that do an admirable job at mimicking the real deal's long-lasting qualities.

#2 Figure out What Style of Wallet He Prefers


Men's wallets come in a variety of layouts and styles that alter how much stuff can be stored in them, and how the wallet itself is stowed away. Bi-fold walelts are among the most popular; folding over once, sometimes with the help of a buckle. There's also the bulkier yet brilliantly handy tri-fold wallet, the tall, business-ready long wallet, the sleek check wallet and even more left-field choices like the wrist-wallet or money band. If you're buying a wallet for a man, finding out which of these would work best can be as simple as seeing what wallet they already have, but it also helps to suss out where they have any problems carrying too much or too little on a daily basis.

#3 Think Hard About Novelty Wallet Purchases

On the whole, wallets tend to be favoured for the simplicity and sleek nature of their designs, but once in a while you may be tempted by a branded wallet with a licensed, humorous or nostalgic image on its exterior. Sometimes these will be received quite happily, but in some cases they can turn out to be more sweet as a gesture than as a practical gift. A serious-minded businessman isn't going to like reaching for his Beano wallet, and even the biggest James Bond fanatic would probably be happier with a wallet similar to the one used by 007, rather than a design featuring Roger Moore on the front.

#4 Different Wallets for Different Uses


Even if a man has more than enough ways to carry his money, it may be worth buying a wallet or some kind of accessory that he'd find useful. For those who's job often has them travelling, a men's passport holder would be ideal, whilst a smaller size wallet or money clip would make a much more appropriate choice for going out than a fully stacked carrier. There's also phone wallets, business card holders and plenty of other alternatives that may be better received than yet another men's wallet.

#5 Never be Afraid to Be a Little Different

If there's one criticism we have of wallets, it's that they tend to be quite samey. Though we mentioned the dangers surrounding novelty wallets, there's certainly no reason why you shouldn't take a chance with a slightly more radical choice. This includes Lizard Leather Wallets, those proudly produced from recycled materials or even thee ones made entirely out of wood! So long as it still retains an element of class, it can still make a great men's gift.

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Post By Graham