In our last How to Tie a Tie post, we learnt how to tie the workhorse of the tie world: the basic, four-in-hand knot.  This is probably the most widely used way of tying a tie.  Simple and neat, it is the one you would have used for your school tie if you didn’t have a clip-on variety as a part of your school uniform, and it is likely the one that you use for work if you must wear a tie everyday.

However, as we touched on before, the world of tie knots is a vast and scary place, and there is more than just the one to master.


One of the most popular tie knots is the Half Windsor knot.  You have almost certainly heard of this, but you may not know what it is or, by extension, how to tie one.

The Half Windsor tie knot is a slightly dressier version of the simple four-in-hand knot, but simpler in style than the Full Windsor knot.  In size it lies somewhere in between the two, although in actual fact it is nearer to three quarters of the size of a Full Windsor rather than half as the name suggests.  You have probably seen this type of knot many times without really noticing; the prominent features of the knot are the triangular shape, the slightly larger size and the dimple that appears in the tie just under the knot.

This tie knot is a great alternative to the plain four-in-hand knot that is ideally suited for more dressy occasions such as an important meeting, a date or perhaps a wedding reception.  So how do you tie a Half Windsor tie knot?


Step 1: Start with the tie around your neck with the wide end on your right and extending at least a foot further than the narrow end.  Depending on the length of your tie it should be reaching down almost as far as your naval.  Pass the wide end over the narrow end by bringing it across to your left.
Step 2: Bring the wide end underneath and back to the right side again.
Step 3: Bring the wide end up and turn it down through the loop to the left hand side once more.
Step 4: Pass the wide end across the top to the right hand side again.
Step 5: Pull the wide end of the tie up through the neck loop and down through the knot in the front.  The knot is now complete and you may tighten the knot and draw it up to the collar as desired.
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Post By Sadie