We don't know about you, but we used to think that at some point as a young man, a venerable elder would pull us to one side and teach us all the things that we should know going out into the world as a man.  Skills and knowledge of the hillfolk, passed down from generation to generation.

Well, it never happened!  Learning to shave was an experience in learning how to deftly stem bleeding whilst alone in a bathroom, buying our first suit was mostly an exercise in being sold to by an eager department store attendant with pound signs in their eyes, and even once you got it home and had hit that magical point in time where you were clean-shaven still, but the wounds had healed, you put it on and realised that:



How do you figure out how to tie a tie?  These days, you might assume that a quick Google search will teach you anything in the world that you could ever possibly need to know.  Unfortunately, the world of tie tying is a large and scary place, with all sorts of complicated knots to master.




But what about the simple, basic tie knot?  The everyday one?

How do I tie a Simple, Basic, Four-In-Hand Tie Knot?

  • Start off with the tie around your neck, open, with the wider side on your right
  • Pass the wide side of the tie over the narrow part to your left
  • Then pass the wide side of the tie back underneath to your right again
  • Back over the top to the left once more
  • Pull the wide part up, under the loop you have made for your neck
  • Then push it through the top layer of the knot form you have made
  • Pull it tight around your neck by holding the narrow part and sliding the knot up

Some ties have a label on the reverse of the widest part that the narrow edge can be tucked into to keep it neat and tidy.  Alternatively we recommend the more secure and stylish tie slide, which not only accomplishes this task, but can be purchased in a variety of colours, styles and themes to suit your outfit and character!

engraved football silver

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