There are a lot of reasons to love Pharrell Williams.  A self-styled and self-made man, Pharrell is a production genius, songwriter, rapper, singer, record producer, musician and  fashion designer.  A quick glance at his repertoire over the last few years will make any normal human feel tired!  Although he has only released two solo albums, he has worked with various artists to produce hit after hit, and his work as a fashion designer must explain his appearances on every red carpet!

Unafraid is probably the best word to sum up the style of Pharrell.  Carrying off looks that would make other men quake in their brogues, he is often to be found in the photo round-up of an event looking dapper yet always absolutely unique.

So how does he do it? Lets take a look...


He Looks Good in a Hat

And he's open to playing with the style of the hat too.  Fashion is there to be experimented with, and it is important to have fun with it, which is something Pharrell does with a aplomb.  A word of caution though - not too many guys can pull off a 'Mountie Hat' and even Pharrell got some stick for that one!




He's Not Afraid to Show Off Some Skin

Whether it's an ankle in some turn ups, his knees in a short suit, some male cleavage in a deep V, or just neglecting clothes from the waist up entirely.  It all comes back to confidence, and Pharrell has that in spades.




He Understands the Importance of Bling

It might be the rap background, but Pharrell knows how to sparkle.  Jewellery of all sorts can be sported, whether a bohemian string of beads, strong medallions or chunky chains.

Take a look at our necklaces and bracelets designed for men to get inspiration for following this look at home



He Knows When to Dress it up

A master of both smart and casual looks, Pharrell is able to dress a look up whilst still keeping it true to his own sense of self.  His willingness to play with fashion and style mean that even in formalwear, he will never look the same as everyone else.

This is often due to his penchant for accessories such as pocket squares and bow ties, which is something we very much appreciate here at The Men's Gift Company!



He Appears to Know the Location of the Fountain of Youth

Pharrell is 41.  We don't know how he still looks like an 18 year old, but if adopting his sense of style is the key, then we are all for it!


Do you love or loathe Pharrell's style?  Will you be trying any of these looks out?  Let us know by leaving us a comment below, or catching up with us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or Pinterest.



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