improving man's style

Stylish men have a particular look that may seem like it is hard to replicate. In truth, there are many tips and tricks that can improve a man’s style instantly. Here are eight ways to kick things up a notch so that you can look and feel like a winner.

1. Manicured Nails

Whether you’re a mechanic or a corporate business mogul, your hands reflect your attention to detail and how you want the world to see you. Buy a small manicure kit for the car, office or home and be sure trim and clean nails. Even if you work with your hands you can make sure that your hands are neat and clean when you greet the world.

2. Money Clip

Reaching into your pocket and pulling out a pile of crumpled notes gives the impression that you don’t care about your finances. Money clips are relatively inexpensive, keep notes neat and tidy and money stays secure.

3. Purge the Wallet

If a money clip isn’t enough, take a look at the wallet you are toting around. A wallet bulging with scraps of papers, receipts and unnecessary trash suggests lack of organization and lack of concern for appearance. This is particularly true if your wallet is from the Stone Age and it is wearing a mark in your trousers. Buy a new wallet big enough to holds essentials that lies flat.

4. Use a tie slide or pin

Those in the corporate world often need to wear a tie however a tie left unclipped or unpinned looks unfinished, shifts and can get in the way. You take the time to pick out the right shirt and tie, so why leave your look unfinished?

5. Pare down the keychain

Have you got a penknife, keys from who knows where and a key fob that used to have your favourite football teams logo on it, but it is totally unreadable now? While there’s nothing wrong with carrying a small pen knife and keys you actually use, the rest needs to go. Instead, try switching out the dated for a new, sleek sterling silver keychain which reflects taste and class.

6. Try a pocket watch

Pocket watches are attractive and a conversation starter. Choose a sleek chrome piece with an appropriate theme, engrave the back with a famous quote, and add an attractive chain for added flair.

7. Look down

The state of your shoes says a lot about you. Don’t walk out the door with soiled or shabby shoes if you want to improve your appearance. Buy a shoe shine kit and make sure to polish your dress shoes, clean your trainers and replace worn shoes before they are falling off your feet.

8. Add a belt

A belt is not something you add to your wardrobe because your trousers don’t fit correctly. A belt is one of those finishing touches which competes an outfit. If you tuck in your shirt, wear an attractive belt with an unobtrusive buckle. Opt for clean, simple lines and plain leather for the ultimate stylish accessory.

These eight simple changes will move you from the mundane towards the extraordinary, and none of them are extremely costly. Try one, or all, of these tips and add a touch of style to your life.

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Post By Graham