If you follow us on Twitter you will know that we are getting really excited for the Summer Olympics now. Hardly a day goes by without us retweeting the official London 2012 account when they post another little nugget of news, and now that it’s July and the opening ceremony is just 21 days (and counting) away our excitement will only increase. Of course we’re channelling that excitement into the website, and we’ve recently created an ‘Olympic Gifts for Men’ category with all of our favourite flag and sporting themed men’s dress accessories. If you know a man who, like us, can’t wait for the Olympics to kick off, then he’ll love one of our Olympic gifts. If he’s looking forward to a particular event, we have a variety of men’s gifts themed to a specific sport that make a great gift idea. Whether its athletics, water sports or pitch-based sports he’s into; a pair of cufflinks styled to his favourite sport will add a little personality to a formal outfit without compromising on style – he’ll love them! olympic gifts for menOlympic gifts for men If he’s not looking forward to a particular sport a dress accessory adorned with the Union Jack is a terrific gift idea, and a great way to show off some national pride. With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee an event to remember and the Olympics being hosted in London (also, did any of you catch the opening of The Shard last night? Amazing!), we think 2012 is the year to be proud of being British. Olympic gifts for menolympic gifts for menolympic gifts for men Pick up one of our Union Jack gifts for men before the Olympics to show off some patriotism this summer and get in the spirit for London 2012! Were any of you lucky enough to get tickets for any of the Olympic events? Get in touch on Facebook or Twitter to let us know! Roll on 27th July!

Post By Marc